April 23, 2015

B Troop 2nd of the 17th Cavalry Regiment Assocaition

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Read about these Banshee Adventures

NEW (Apr 2015) Maj Grof Flight, First Hand Account - By Eugene Lott
WHAT ARE THE ODDS - By Marvin W. Dixon
Night comes to Chu Lai - by Marcus A. Pryor
Lieutenant Jackrabbit - by Marcus A. Pryor
Of helicopters and lawnmowers - by S. C. Jones
Sniffer - the off pink team - by S. C. Jones
The Homewrecker - By Marcus Pryor
What it means to be a Banshee - By Marcus Pryor
Hot Peppers in Chu Lai - By Jim Matthews
The SOI Caper - By Fernando De Pierris
Reputation Preceded Us - By Jim Matthews
Eyeballing? - By Fernando De Pierris

Read The Rescue of Robert Andrews early in October, 1969 - by Bill Russell.

Now view a copy of the B Troop Situation Report with information about the rescue.
Courtesy of Randy White Web Master The 101st Airborne LRRP/Rangers of Vietnam web site

And our Previously Featured Stories

Eagle Bird Down - by S. C. Jones
Remembering Eagle Bird Down - by Bill Russell
Letters To Mom - By Randy Kunkleman
Is There Really A Santa Claus - By Jim Matthews
Diary of a Scout Pilot - By Dan Hilliard (jhm)
Lamar Plain - why we went to Tam Ky, After Action Report.

"We climbed Hill 376. An unforgettable experience.
Held a memorial service on the hill and again at a church in Tam Ky on 2 June."

READ: The Last Recon Platoon
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More Ban'Shee ITEMS OF Interest


"Lost and Found"
Read about Doc LaPointe
and, do not miss "DAYS FOR GUY" by Frank B Smith
also read about (VVMF) "In Touch" program,
1999 Visit ot The Wall,
and More Ban'Shees to Identify.
Bob Keltz tells us about his father, PSG Clinton O. Keltz Jr

B Troop History from 1956.
101st Airborne Reactivated
"Eyes Left!" - Courtesy Richard Morse
Troop B (RECON) circa 1958
Troop B (RECON) circa 1962 - Courtesy Charles E. Geck
Bush Gangsters, '68 & '69 and more - By Tee Cook
Ban'Shee's, from The X.O.'s Desk by Dave Livingston
B Troop Roots, more History

That's the CAV
Brick's at Fort Campbell
Last COBRA Flight in Hawaii and the Active Army
UH-1H Tail Number: 66-16779

The Z Team Request
"HOW I REMEMBER IT" with Photos
Courtesy R Kunkleman

and "1998 Reunion, Fort Campbell" Reunion Stories.
Ban'Shee Quiz
MARCH 1999 - Find Kandy and Bob Bohler

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